Pick Guards - Acoustic

Pick Guards for Acoustic Guitars.

All pick guards are custom made.

Available as Right Handed or Left Handed

If you don't see what you need in this Acoustic Pick Guards section...

...That means we most likely don't have the exact pattern you might be after but we may still be able help you. You can either send us an original pick guard or a tracing to duplicate or you can provide a full scale drawing of your own unique design and we can work from that.
Please read this linked page about sending originals or tracings.

You can also download PDF outlines for each acoustic pick guard we offer, cut them out and place them on your guitar for a quick fit check. If one does not fit then you can modify it by either drawing the changes on it or cutting it to shape and submitting it as a mock up for me to work from.

The PDF outline page can be found here

If the PDF outline is close but you want a different sound hole cut radius then there are options on the order page for you to indicate that you want a custom sound hole radius. A $5.00 additional fee will apply to any sound hole radius modification.

Any new templates that need to be created based off of originals, tracings, custom designs or modified PDF outlines will require a $10.00 template setup fee in addition to the pick guard price.

How to determine pick guard price.

Prices for all pick guards are based off of material selection.

Look at the materials drop down lists to determine price.

Each material in the list has a price indicated next to it which is the price for that pick guard in that material.

If you are looking for a material not on the list then please contact us.

All acoustic pick guards come with adhesive backing for easy peel and stick installation.

Click through the items below to see available options.

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