Prices for Pick Guards are determined primarily by material selection.

Each Pick guard has a base price which is adjusted by the addition of the material selection price.

For each pick guard you will find a materials drop down list which lists the materials available for that pick guard style. The price for the material is listed next to each material type. This price is added to the base price indicated for the pick guard at the top of each pick guard page. If there is no base price listed then the price of the item you are looking at is the price indicated in the materials drop down list.

If you are providing an original pick guard or a tracing a $15.00 to $30.00 template fee may apply. For larger more complex projects such as full face plates and complex contours the template fee will be higher.

This should give you a rough idea. For something more detailed see the Frequently Asked Questions first then you can contact us for a quote.

If a particular material is unavailable in a specific material drop down list then please contact us by email or by phone at 541-461-0877.

We do not negotiate price or turnaround time. We will not try and beat any competitors price or turnaround time.
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