How To Make A Tracing

Remove the pick guard from the guitar. Remove all of the hardware from the pick guard so you just have the pick guard left. Lay it down on a white piece of paper.

What works best is a piece of standard computer printer paper. You can tape two pieces together if needed.

Please do NOT trace your pick guard on cardboard or any other opaque paper. We need to be able to put it on a light table so the light shines through.

Please do NOT trace your pick guard on thin tracing paper. It causes some issues with my process.

Please do NOT fold up your tracing a bunch of times. One fold is fine and if you use two pieces of computer printer paper as I suggest above you should only have to fold it one. Stick it in a large manila envelope or Flat rate postage mailer.

Hold the pick guard firmly against the paper. Using a sharp pencil or sharp tipped pen, ( no fat markers, felt tip pens or crayons please ) trace the outline of the pick guard as accurately as possible including all of the holes.

Please write on the tracing what kind of Guitar or Bass the pick guard is from, including the year it was made if you know it.

Please Include your Name, Address, Phone Number and e-mail if you have one.

The tracing must be accurate and clean as possible.

Do not send incomplete tracings or drawings. The tracing must reflect the desired result.

Do not send a tracing without any information whatsoever other than the tracing. If We do not get the contact information such as a phone number or email address It will be put on hold until I hear from you.

Please note that providing an original ( which we will return with your order ) will yield a more accurate result.

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