Engraved Truss Rod Covers


See the price sheet below or choose a material for pricing.

We do not engrave standard pick guard materials because they do not react well with laser engraving. Please read this page.

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All matte finish truss rod covers come with a beveled edge the same color as the engraved text. All holes are non countersunk holes that work with the included screws. Screws are flat head stainless steel only as pictured here.

If you want countersunk holes then you must specify so in the Special Instructions Box below. If requesting countersunk holes, screws will not be included.

Screws are not sold separately.

Choose a truss rod cover style.

For dimension and more detailed information on all of these truss rod cover shapes please view the PDF Outlines.
Please print these PDF files at 100% scale and check them against your existing truss rod cover.

TRC1 - Truss Rod Cover
TRC2 - Truss Rod Cover
TRC3 - Truss Rod Cover
TRC4 - Truss Rod Cover
TRC5 - Truss Rod Cover
TRC6 - Truss Rod Cover
TRC7 - Truss Rod Cover
TRC8 - Truss Rod Cover

Choose a material color - please note that we can only engrave on the materials listed in this option list. We cannot engrave standard pick guard materials.

  Example Engraved Truss Rod Cover

Choose a font style. - View a larger PDF chart of font styles here. Please note that you can choose from many other font styles that I may not have listed such as any font on your computer. In such a case you may need to send us a TTF font file via email.

Type in the text you want in the special instructions box. If you require two lines of text with two different type styles or if you want a vertical text layout you can specify that kind of information here as well. If you put Quotes ( "" ) around your text you need to specify if they are to be there or NOT. We will NOT INCLUDE the quotes unless clearly indicated by you.

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