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Common Question
What is the difference between these acoustic materials and other materials?

We call these acoustic materials because they are thinner than standard pick guard materials commonly used
for electric guitars and basses. Acoustic Guitar pick guard materials are generally thinner in the range of .020
to .060. The thicker and larger the pick guard is that you apply to your guitar will have more and more of an effect
on the tone. For example, if you have a very thin little pick guard and you want to replace it with a larger thicker
pick guard you should expect to hear some difference in how the guitar sounds.

While it is not unheard of to use a .090 thicker electric guitar material, it is not considered an industry standard practice.

.028" Celluloid Tortoise
thickness is approximate
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.028" celluloid tortoise

Sheet stock NOT available for sale.

This material can NOT be engraved.

.030" Celluloid Fire Stripe
thickness is approximate

.030" celluloid Fire Stripe

Sheet stock NOT available for sale.

This material can NOT be engraved.

Other materials .060" thick suitable for acoustic pick guards

060 Matte Black/White

OK for Engraving

060 Matte White/Black

OK for Engraving
060 Satin Textured Black/White

OK for Engraving
060 Navy Blue/White

OK for Engraving
060 Sand/Brown

OK for Engraving
060 Clear/Aztec Gold

OK for Engraving
*reverse engravable only
060 Hot Pink/Black

NOT Engravable
060 Prisma/Green

NOT Engravable

* Reverse engraving means it can be engraved from the back side and filled with a color to show the desired image through
to the surface.

Not shown above is a gloss black .060 which is also reverse engravable but has a black edge and gloss surface finish as opposed to
the matte black engravable material above.

There are many other materials available for engraving from my engravers plastic supplier. You can browse their catalog directly here:

We do not stock all of their materials. We can, however, get them so if see something you
you like let us know and we will confirm if it's laser engravable or not.

Most engraving jobs will require that you contact us directly. We do not have an easy
method for ordering engraved pick guards online.

We usually need to see what we are up against as far as image quality is concerned.

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