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The materials pictured on this page are primarily for the engraving industry.
You can browse the manufacturer catalog by clicking the link below:


We do not stock all of their materials. We can, however, get them so if see something you
you like let us know and we woll confirm if it's laser engravable or not.

Most engraving jobs will require that you contact us directly. We do not have an easy
method for ordering engraved pick guards online.

We usually need to see what we are up against as far as image quality is concerned.

If engraving is not an issue then we can use whatever plastic material they offer
to fabricate pick guards.

If you find a material you like. Please include a direct link to the page you found
what you are asking about by copying the link from the location bar at the top of
your browser and pasting it into your email inquiry.

Please Do Not just send us an item number to look up when inquiring about
items directly from the supplier catalog. Please provide a link to the Page
the material is located on.

060 Matte Black/White

OK for Engraving

060 Matte White/Black

OK for Engraving
060 Satin Textured Black/White

OK for Engraving
060 Navy Blue/White

OK for Engraving
060 Sand/Brown

OK for Engraving
060 Clear/Aztec Gold

OK for Engraving
*reverse engravable only
060 Hot Pink/Black

NOT Engravable
060 Prisma/Green

NOT Engravable

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